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Aquamarine Topaz 

What Exactly Is Aquamarine Topaz, The Facts 

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About a decade ago, the gemstone aquamarine topaz was becoming quite popular in gemstone circles. And then, gem providers became more aware of the trade laws in Europe and more importantly, in the U.S. You started hearing less about aquamarine topaz but, this gemstone seems to be surfacing once again. In this report we talk about aquamarine topaz gems, we also take the cover off the confusing name and tell you what to expect. At the same time we request gem sellers to stop these cheap gimmicks and instead, make an effort to educate buyers about the facts.

You might have heard that, aquamarine and topaz are two different gems and you heard it right. Somewhere in the past, clever gem sellers took advantage of the fact that lighter shades of blue topaz could come close to the color of aquamarine gemstones. It was not uncommon for gem and jewelry buyers to get fooled, they ended up with pale blue topaz gems that cost many times less than what natural aquamarine would cost. In all this chaos and swindling, came a handful of profit seekers. They coined a fancy name for light blue topaz that, had a color similar to that of aquamarine - they called it aquamarine topaz. Hundreds of innocent buyers got fooled and thought that they were getting aquamarine at 'dirt cheap' prices. For the gem sellers it was like killing two birds with one stone, the gimmick not only increased the sales volume of light blue topaz but also, enabled them to mark up the price of light blue topaz.

sky blue topaz gemstone, light blue topaz gems can resemble the color of aquamarine.
The above gemstone is in reality a sky blue topaz gemstone. Since the color of this light blue topaz, comes close to that of aquamarine, it is sometimes referred to as aquamarine topaz. Check out more topaz gemstones here.

We have tried to understand the reasons for the revival of the aquamarine topaz gemstone story. While there will always be good and bad jewelers, other reasons prevail too. While the prices of light blue topaz have remained quite steady in the last 5 to 6 years, aquamarine gems have shown a sharp price rise. Such a situation always encourages, trade gimmicks in the gems and jewelry industry. Imagine getting aquamarine topaz at 5 U.S$ per carat, when aquamarine sells for 50 U.S$ per carat. And this can sound even more convincing if the gem seller told you that his aquamarine topaz is - natural. The truth is that the gemstone is indeed natural but, it is not aquamarine at all.

So the truth is that, aquamarine topaz is all topaz and no aquamarine! Pale blue topaz, in the sky blue shade of topaz is sometimes referred to as aquamarine topaz. If you are a gem or jewelry buyer keep in mind that, this gemstone is not aquamarine. If you are a gem or jewelry seller be honest with your clients and inform them that, what they are getting is a light blue topaz and not an aquamarine.  


This brief report on aquamarine topaz gemstones is aimed at making gem and jewelry buyers aware of such practices. While the report will displease few gem sellers who would not want the truth to be disclosed, we feel that our action will in general benefit the gem and jewelry industry in the long term. Do contact our support team at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any questions or requirements.


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